Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: EcoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Set

Looking for some great eye brushes on a budget? Look no further!

Quick Pros:
♥ Budget friendly ^_^
♥ Do not shed
♥ Dense
♥ Soft
♥ Cruelty free
♥ Made with sustainable materials

Quick Cons:
♥ Perhaps they won't last as long as MAC or Sigma brushes? Hm....
♥ Otherwise, none!

I am super impressed with these eyeshadow brushes from EcoTools. After a tedious search for cruelty-free, non animal-hair brushes, I found these. And I'm so glad I found them.
EcoTools's eyeshadow brushes are top quality - made with full, dense bristles for packing on colour, while still being soft enough to blend things out.

The Essential Eye Set comes with 5 brushes and a cloth baggy to keep your brushes in.

Large Eye Brush: A densely packed brush, great for packing your eyeshadow onto your lids. It is quite large, so those who have smaller lids might need to use a smaller brush.

Angled Crease Brush: Another thick and large brush. This one does what it says - it really works to get colour onto your outer-V and crease.

Highlighting Brush: A soft, fluffy brush great for blending out eyeshadows

Petite Eye Shading Brush: A great brush for smaller eyelids, or, adding a highlight to your inner corners.

Smudge Brush: The size is perfect for smudging eyeshadows under the eye.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about these brushes. They don't shed any hairs and they're made with sustainable resources. I love them!

Have you tried this product out? What did you think? Leave a comment below! 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Review: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude Eyes

Hey there! I'm back with a review on a lovely little gem I discovered while searching for an Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe.

Quick Pros:
♥ Cheap for a palette of 9 colours (approx. $11 NZD)
♥ Cute packaging!
♥ Gorgeous neutral shades
♥ Shimmery without chunks of glitter in the formula
♥ Blends well
♥ Paraben free
♥ Cruelty free

Quick Cons:
♥ Lighter shadows aren't very pigmented
♥ Not the same buttery, silky texture as TheBalm eyeshadows
♥ All shimmer - no matte shades

(Product swatched over white eyeliner. Hopefully you can see!)

The Urban Decay Naked Palette and it's sister Naked Palette 2 are some of the most sought after eyeshadow palettes in the beauty world. With their strong pigmentation and buttery texture, beauty addicts love this product.

However, I'm just a student with a budge to uphold. I can't really afford to splurge on things, especially when the Naked Palettes are sold at over $100 in New Zealand (cries).I've sought out for some good dupes for the Naked Palette itself, and I found this Physician's Formula palette.

What I love about this palette is the range of shades they offer. For nine shades, you get a selection of cool and warm shades, all which are really nice to blend and don't flake and have much fall out. The finish of these eyeshadows is really great - they aren't some tacky glittery eyeshadow nightmare that we've all seen. These give off a soft shimmery finish - if anything, metallic, without being over the top. I've found myself able to create a wide variety of looks with just this palette (anyone looking for a tutorial?).

This is a great neutral palette for anyone who wishes for some shimmery eyeshadows - seeing as there are no matte shades in this palette.

To top it off, it's paraben-free! Great for those out there who are wary of what goes into their cosmetics.

Have you tried this product out? What did you think? Leave a comment below!