Go Cruelty Free

I created this blog for a couple of reasons - one being that I wanted to share my love of beauty and fashion with the rest of the world and another being that I wanted to share my views on animal testing.

For many decades, animals have been used as a way to test whether cosmetics are safe to use on human. We're living in the 21st Century - a time and day where animal testing for the sake of cosmetics is no longer needed. Advancement in science allows us human beings to use more accurate methods that does not require pouring chemicals into a rabbit's eyes. We no longer need to use animals to test our cosmetics on.

Why animal testing anyway? If your product requires so much testing in order to know the effectiveness of your product, then you've got a product that is most likely laden with chemicals which could be dangerous to your health, such as parabens and talc. 

We're talking cosmetics here - lipsticks, powders and eyeliner. These products are used for the sake of vanity and entertainment. Cosmetics don't need to go through tedious procedures in order to manufacture a safe product for human use. If we're talking about cancer-curing-research, then that's another story.

Let's end animal testing. We don't have to live in a world where innocent animals suffer for cosmetics laced with chemicals. Go green. Go cruelty-free.

For a list of companies who do and don't test on animals, click here or here.

Wanna know how to check if a company tests on animals? Click here.

Note: The Chinese Law requires cosmetics to be tested before they can be sold in their country. For a quick check as to whether or not a company tests on animals, visit the Chinese Sephora Website.

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