Monday, 6 January 2014

Review: Designer Brands Mineral Concealer

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got to chill out and spend time with friends and family.
Tired from partying all night? Splurging on food caused you to break out? We all need a little concealer in our lives to erase those pesky problems. I've bought this Designer Brands concealer a while back because of how inexpensive it was and I wanted to try it out. Does the price point equal to a cheap quality product?

Quick Pros:
♥ Inexpensive ($11!)
♥ Covers up redness and small blemishes
♥ Not cakey
♥ Semi-buildable coverage
♥ Does not break me out
♥ Not greasy
♥ Doe-foot applicator allows you to control how much product you want to use

Quick Cons:
♥ Only available in two light shades
♥ Both shades have a neutral undertone
♥ Doesn't totally conceal dark scarring
♥ Not long lasting

(Concealer in Natural Lighting)

(Concealer in Flash)

I was quite taken aback by the quality of this concealer. It has a thick-ish consistency (but still a liquid) that feels lightweight, but is able to cover up a lot of problems on the face. It's not greasy or dry, and you can build up the coverage you want. One layer is enough to cover small areas of redness and minor pimples and two will hide some darkness around the eyes and larger pimples.

I've tested both shades at the pharmacy and both of them seem to have a neutral undertone. I bought the darker shade since Natural seemed to be too light for my skin tone. It doesn't match my natural skin tone exactly, but over my foundation or BB cream, this concealer will disappear onto my skin,

I like to use this to concealer all over the face since I haven't experienced and creasing with it and it's not heavy or cakey. It layers up quite well if you need the coverage.

An important thing to note about this concealer is this strange oxidising thing it does. If you apply the concealer heavily on the skin and let it sit there, it will start to turn orange. However, if you blend it out the oxidisation does not happen. I'm not too sure why/how this happens.

The lasting power for this concealer is about 3-4 hours, not enough to last a whole day. However, it does not separate or start to cake around the oils on my face. It fades quite evenly, which is a relief.

For $11, I wasn't expecting something amazing but I would definitely compare this concealer to NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. They are both liquids concealers with good coverage, however NARS has a more glowy finish while DB's concealer dries to a matte finish.

I would recommend DB's Mineral Concealer to those who are looking for an inexpensive concealer and don't have a lot to cover. If the concealer matches your skin tone, you're in luck!

Designer Brands is available in most pharmacies throughout New Zealand e.g. Life Pharmacy and Unichem.

Have you tried this product out? What did you think? Leave a comment below! 

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